X-Ray and EUV Optics

Magnetron and ion sputtering as well as pulsed laser deposition are processes that we utilize to synthesize nanometer single and multilayer coatings. These coating systems fulfill highest demands with respect to thickness precision, smoothness, chemical purity, lateral uniformity and reproducibility. In addition to developing and manufacturing these coatings we also offer our experience in characterizing and modeling nanometer coating systems.



MLL optics with long working distances for X-ray nanodiffraction experiments

MLLs (Multilayer Laue Lenses) are diffractive focusing and imaging optics made using thin film deposition and micromechanical preparation techniques such as magnetron sputter deposition and focused ion beam milling, respectively. Two linear focusing MLLs can be combined to a point focusing and imaging device. MLLs have shown their potential to achieve resolutions significantly better than 10 nm in hard x-ray microscopy and nanoprobe setups as well as relatively large efficiencies for the hard X-ray regime.