Centers at Fraunhofer IWS


Additive Manufacturing Center Dresden (AMCD)

Additive manufacturing technology has led to a paradigm shift in manufacturing engineering. Thanks to the layer-by-layer generation material is only applied at the area where it is needed. The new manufacturing technology allows degrees of freedom for functional optimization and flexibility not seen before, beyond the limits of conventional manufacturing technology.


Center for Advanced Micro-Photonics (CAMP)

CAMP explores laser-based surface modification and patterning methods. Driven by current trends in laser-based micro processing, the Center targets opportunities and challenges in the development of new system, process and measurement solutions.

Advanced Battery Technology Center (ABTC)

Research in the areas of electromobility as well as stationary energy systems is a central theme at IWS in Dresden. Important contributions can be provided to battery fabrication processes based on the numerous IWS technology developments.

Further bundling of competencies


Technologies for modern lightweight construction

Lightweight structures, consisting of fiber composite materials and tailor-designed part geometries can excellently meet the demanding requirements to cost and energy-saving products. To reduce the costs for these structures, the scientists of the Fraunhofer IWS Dresden focus their work to optimize this manufacturing process chain.


Energy Efficiency – We are not finished yet!

The Fraunhofer IWS focuses its research on the advancement of resource-saving technologies and on the economical use of energy. Right from the beginning the IWS has implemented numerous technologies into industrial applications, which have benefited society and enterprises as a whole.