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Battery and hydrogen-powered electric vehicles are an important factor in the climate-friendly electromobility of the future. In particular, in combination with renewable electricity, they produce significantly less CO2 than conventional combustion engines.

We are developing environmentally friendly and economically competitive processes for battery cell production and are researching new material concepts for high-performance and safe batteries. We also focus on the development of roll-to-roll processes for the cost-effective production of fuel cells. Here we offer innovative coating solutions for the mass production of metallic bipolar plates and use powerful laser sources for individual production steps such as cutting and joining.

Our Solutions

Batteries for Electric Vehicles

Fraunhofer IWS, with its materials expertise and process diversity, contributes essentially to many aspects of battery manufacturing and thus offers solutions to companies today and in the future.

The "Advanced Battery Technology Center, ABTC" maps the holistic process chain for the development of new battery cells – from the development of new material concepts, to innovations in electrode production, to technologies for automated cell manufacturing:
Advanced Battery Technology Center (ABTC)

  • Development and evaluation of new materials and cell concepts for high-performance battery cells
  • Cost-effective manufacturing processes for battery electrodes and separators; e.g. dry film coating, laser cutting of strip material

In addition, Fraunhofer IWS offers solutions for low-cost and high-quality manufacturing of battery components using advanced materials:

Hydrogen Fuel Cells

  • Coating of bipolar plates with high-performance materials
  • Laser technologies for roll-to-roll fuel cell production

Further information on hydrogen fuel cells can be found here:

Future and Innovation Field: Hydrogen Technology

Latest Research and Development Results

HOKOME – Roll-to-roll Fabrication of Fuel Cell Stacks

Roll-to-roll system for continuous, time- and cost-saving coil coating processes of fuel cell stacks.
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Roll-to-roll system for continuous, time- and cost-saving coil coating processes of fuel cell stacks.

HOKOME refers to the project of Fraunhofer IWS and four other Fraunhofer institutes to develop highly productive and cost-efficient fabrication processes for fuel cell stacks. Leading international vehicle manufacturers have adopted the use of hydrogen as a CO2-free energy source as an integral part of their strategy. By contrast, the production costs for bipolar plates (BPP) and membrane electrode assemblies (MEA) – the two main components of fuel cell stacks – have been high so far. The research project is addressing this issue and promotes the advanced development of roll-to-roll (R2R) coating technologies suitable for industrial use, as well as the necessary forming and joining processes. These are to replace the discontinuous batch production of individual parts currently in use. The aim is to achieve a significant cost reduction of up to 50 percent. HOKOME thus represents a project that is unique on the market and is of significant interest for sustainable mobile applications, for example in trucks, buses and other vehicles that in particular have to cover long distances.


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