Fraunhofer Application Center for Optical Metrology and Surface Technologies

The Fraunhofer IWS application center for optical metrology and surface technologies bridges the gap between regional economy and new research approaches in the fields of optical metrology, machine vision and bio-photonics.

The scientists focus their effort on the quick and direct transfer of research results into customized application solutions.

Technical competencies

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© Fraunhofer AZOM

Photonic system components, fiber technology and metrology

  • laser beam characterization and stability analysis
  • technologies of non-linear optics
  • development of special light sources
  • measurement of human functional parameters
  • optical sensor elements for bio-sensors
  • fiber measurement technologies (dispersion measurements)
  • fiber sensorics
  • coating analysis techniques (e. g. CRD measurement system)

Surface and materials technologies

  • interferometric surface and coating analysis
  • optical analysis of material parameter in the field of surface technology
  • modification of implant surfaces
  • optical measuring process in the field of quality of life
  • laser based spectroscopical processes
  • color and texture measurement techniques

Machine vision and process control

  • industrial process monitoring
  • non-destructive component characterization
  • imaging techniques in medical engineering
  • high-speed imaging of thermal processes
  • application-specific automation solutions