Surface Functionalization Laboratories

Development of complete DLIP systems for industrial use.
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Development of complete DLIP systems for industrial use.

Laser Sources

  • Different ns- and ps- pulsed solid state laser systems (available wavelengths: 266, 355, 532 and 1064 nm), 0.5 to 300 W

Equipment Technology

  • Laser interference structuring systems (in-house development), resolution up to 150 nm, 0.9 m²/min
  • CNC four-axis positioning systems (x, y, z, rotation), resolution: 0.5 µm, x/y/z scan length up to 500 mm, rotation angle: 360°.
  • Reflected light microscopes, max. magnification: 150x
  • Tribometer, force resolution: 0.1 µN
  • White light interferometers and confocal microscopes, vertical resolution: up to 0.1 nm, La-teral resolution: up to 140 nm
  • Roll to roll UV/Hot embossing system, film width up to 300 mm, up to 50 m/min (TU Dresden)
  • AI Testbench – Predictive modeling for laser precision manufacturing: Combining micromaterial processing with artificial intelligence and machine learning.

AI Testbench in Focus:

Revolutionizing Laser Manufacturing and Data Acquisition with AI

The AI Testbench is an advanced laser microstructuring test facility coupled with an AI-driven learning platform. This combination enables the equipment to continuously adapt to different operating conditions and predict optimal laser parameters for specific tasks. In addition, the machine is designed for fully automated laser structuring and measurements. It collects process data that can then be used to further develop AI algorithms.

Application Area

The AI Testbench is specifically designed for generating large datasets in AI research and for the first time offers the possibility to combine microstructuring and topography measurements in a single machine. It is also ideally suited for the configuration and validation of sensor technologies. The system provides valuable support in diverse application areas:

  • Generating large data sets for various materials and microstructuring technologies for AI research
  • Verification of on- and offline process measurement systems by fully automated changing of laser parameters and measurement of the resulting surface area
  • Optimization of processes for different materials and technologies

AI Testbench – AI Algorithms for Laser Surface Structuring

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  • High performance-USP-Laser – Edgewave FX600
    • Pulse duration: 1,6 ps
    • Power: 300 W
    • Pulse energy: < 3 mJ
    • M²: < 1,3
  • Fiberdirected SP-Laser  – Trumpf TruPulse 5020 nano
    • Pulse duration: 12 ns – 2000 ns
    • Power: 200 W
    • Pulse energy: > 5 mJ
    • M²: < 5
  • Technologies
    • Pulsar Photonics FlexibleBeamShaper FBS-G3
    • Polygon mirror scanner Moeve type PM 100
    • Galvo scanner Scanlab IntelliScan 20 + excelliSHIFT
    • DLIP – Fraunhofer µScan Nano
  • Sensor platform
    • Topography GBS SmartWLI next
    • Glossmeter Zehntner ZGM 1120
    • HSI Camera
    • Microscopes
Combination of one measuring and two machining platforms connected by a precision axis system.
© Fraunhofer IWS
Combination of one measuring and two machining platforms connected by a precision axis system.

Our Range of Services Includes:

  • Data for AI: Large-scale data set collection for AI model development
  • AI test environment: direct testing and validation of AI algorithms in a real-world environment
  • Optimization & Customization: We highlight the potentials and challenges of AI integration in your laser machining processes