Thin film technology

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  • development of conductive carbon coating systems (GLS: Graphite Like Carbon) for electromobility, e.g. for steel bipolar plates in fuel cells as well as Al and Cu electrodes for batteries and super capacitors,
  • Diamor® coating systems (ta-C: tetrahedral amorphous carbon) for wear protection based on a short pulsed arc processes (spArc®),
  • novel PVD procedures for metal band coating processes and developments of corrosion protection properties. They base on zinc alloy coatings, e.g. for highly corrosion-resistant metallic coatings and for metallic coatings in hot forming processes.

Laser materials processing and spray coating

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  • development of joining processes based on laser MSG hybrid welding for lightweight construction, e.g. for the welding of mobile crane components made from high strength fine grain construction steel,
  • high speed laser welding with high beam quality solid-state lasers and low melt particle emission,
  • wire arc spraying,
  • combination process of joining and wire arc spraying, e.g. for the post galvanizing of weld seams,
  • development of prototype welding processes with solid-state laser.