Industry solutions

We Research and Develop for Your Industry

Our daily drive is to find practical solutions using research and development techniques. To this end, we contribute our in-depth expertise in laser, materials and systems engineering. Among our customers are small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) as well as globally networked industrial companies. Profound, innovative and reliable, we jointly develop products and solutions along the entire value chain. At Fraunhofer IWS, experts from a wide range of disciplines work together to provide the key to success. We have a thorough understanding of the individual requirements of each specific sector and find answers to complex questions for you or in cooperation. Learn more about how we can help you optimize production processes, develop solutions and create value for your company with our industrial solutions.


Automotive Technology

Technologies and research products for automotive added value chain, e.g. lightweight construction, alternative drive concepts and quality assurance.


Aerospace Technology

Innovative materials and processes for aircraft, rockets and satellites, e.g. engines, functionalized surfaces and energy supply.


Power and Environmental Engineering

Focus on power plant technology, renewable energy, modern energy systems and environmental engineering.


Medical Engineering

Objective: individualized medical care. Our research solutions for Lab-on-the-Chip systems, production processes and digital platforms.


Mechanical Engineering and Tools Construction

Our portfolio: Developing plant technology, optimizing tools, monitoring processes, functionalizing surfaces.


Electrical Engineering and Microelectronics

From EUV lithography to automation and control technology to high-performing electronics.


Photonics and Optics

A wide range of applications: optical metrology, laser materials processing, optical components and systems.