Process Chain and Product Design

Structure made of pure copper by means of binder jetting.
© Fraunhofer IWS
Structure made of pure copper by means of binder jetting.

Additive Manufacturing as a young technology offers a lot of potential for both industry and science. Along the complex process chain, numerous factors influence the quality and cost of the components: from design through material and system properties to post-processing. Aspects of sustainability also play an increasingly important role.

The working group deals with the acquisition of data along the additive process chain and uses it for process evaluation and improvement as well as for quality assurance. A strong focus is on the use of software, especially for process simulation. Examples are thermomechanical simulation to determine stresses, temperatures and distortion in LPBF and DED processes or distortion and shrinkage compensation in sintering of binder jetting components.

Our range of services includes:

  • Evaluation and optimization of components and assemblies for additive manufacturing
  • Software-supported layout and design of components, simulation of processes
  • Development and use of system technology for AM process monitoring
  • Optimization of AM process chains under the aspects of feasability, costs, resilience, sustainability and integration into higher-level processes

Research Topics

Process Chain

From powder properties to machine parameters to surface treatment, many things influence the quality of the finished component. We analyze your process and help to identify optimization potential.


In additive manufacturing, component and material are created simultaneously in a complex process. We support the selection and use of suitable simulation tools in order to achieve high component qualities more quickly.

Product Design

Additive manufacturing offers great design freedom but not every component is suitable. With our broad process knowledge, we support the identification of business cases.



Biological filtration mechanisms: Exploring nature's diversity for bioinspired design, Timeframe: 03/2023–02/2027 (EU HORIZON, FKZ: 101073100)


Intelligent gripping tool with self-adaptive properties, Timeframe: 07/2021–06/2022 (BMBF: FKZ 02P20E110)


Printed heater for space structures


Development of a new process chain for efficient, individualized and environmentally friendly manufacturing of dental products, Timeframe: 01/2023–12/2024 (BMBF, FKZ: 02P22K081)


Rapid prototype development for future-proof aviation, Timeframe: 09/2022–08/2026 (BMWK, FKZ: 20L2105B1)

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