Development of multilayer pouch cell lithium-sulfur solid state batteries (SoLiS)

Schematic representation of the project focus.
Schematic representation of the project focus.


Solid electrolytes play a key role in the development of safe battery cells with high energy densities. In this project, solid electrolytes will be combined with sulfur as active material to form lithium-sulfur solid state batteries. This cell technology enables potentially very lightweight and compact batteries and is based on low-cost feedstocks. While the basic feasibility of a Li-S solid state battery has been demonstrated at laboratory scale, no data on application-relevant prototype cells exist so far. It is essential to have such data in order to perform a realistic evaluation of the technology.

Objectives and procedure

The main objective of the SoLiS project is to develop a multilayer pouch cell based on Li-S solid-state technology for application-oriented evaluation. Development will focus on researching an optimal nano- and microstructure of carbon/sulfur composite material to realize both electrical and ionic conduction paths in the solid electrodes. All cell components must be fabricated in sufficient quality and quantity to result in initial prototype cells. Fraunhofer IWS developed manufacturing technologies will play a crucial role in this process.

Innovations and Perspectives

The Li-S solid state battery is still largely unexplored and at the same time offers great potential. The high specific energy together with increased safety may enable applications in electric aviation, for example. For this perspective, the SoLiS project will provide important insights and pave the way.