Power and Environmental Engineering

Accelerating developments around the energy turnaround in energy and environmental technology: Our solutions facilitate performance and efficiency increases both in renewable energies – such as wind energy, solar energy and hydropower – and in the use of conventional energy sources in modern power plant technology. We consistently focus on combining the ecological and economic aspects of sustainability.

Our scientists support the urgently needed changes in the industry with their expertise in surface, materials and laser technology in order to drive progress in key future and innovation areas. Concrete starting points arise, for example, in the hydrogen economy and in the development of sustainable manufacturing processes for battery cells. In environmental technology, in addition to measurement and analysis processes in air and filter technology, we are also dedicating ourselves to environmentally friendly coating and cleaning solutions and the recycling of valuable raw materials in line with the “Green Economy“ approach.

Service offer


Power Plant Technology

  • Power plant components
  • Conveyor technology
  • Materials characterization and testing 

Renewable Energies

  • Solar energy
  • Wind energy
  • Hydropower
  • Biomass and geothermal energy

Modern Energy Systems

  • Battery technology
  • Hydrogen technology
  • Process heat as energy carrier 

Environmental Technology

  • Air and filter technology
  • Surface functionalization
  • Recycling

Latest Research and Development Results


Press Release / 20.4.2023

Sulfur and Silicon as Building Blocks for Solid State Batteries

BMBF Project “MaSSiF” Explores Innovative Battery Concept


News / 5.4.2023

New Storage Solutions for the Energy Transition

Electrode Production without Energy Wasters and Light Sulfur Batteries for Aviation


Press release / 14.3.2023

Sharp Hyperspectral Eye for Chip Production

“DIVE imaging systems” Spins off from Fraunhofer IWS in Dresden


News / 3.11.2022

Hardwood for a sustainable construction

ROBINIA project aims to contribute to CO2 savings in the construction sector 


Press release / 12.5.2022

DRYtraec® to become technology platform

Fraunhofer IWS receives millions in federal funding for dry battery electrode coating technology


Press release / 1.10.2021

Clean air at all times

Filter solutions for high technology processes


News / 10.5.2021

Functionalization of suspension-sprayed oxide film surfaces


Press release / 29.9.2020

Graphite instead of gold: Thin layers for better hydrogen cars

Innovative coating for bipolar plates in fuel cells