Mechanical Engineering and Tools Construction

With increasing complexity of products in tool and machine construction, the demands on individual components and systems likewise grow in terms of precision, machining time, tool life, flexibility and resource efficiency. Continuous optimization possibilities can be found, for example, in improved thermal and mechanical robustness of individual key components, process-oriented design, and longer service and maintenance intervals. At Fraunhofer IWS we support this idea of progress by applying our many years of experience in laser, materials and systems engineering wherever innovative solutions for the individual requirements of our partners are needed.

We develop system solutions in machine and equipment technology, simulate and optimize tools, components and processes. New high-performance materials, their development, technical processing and application – combined with artificial intelligence (AI) methods and adapted sensor technology – expand the scope of existing solutions. Functionalized surfaces involve piloting progress in this sector: coatings and coating systems that protect tools, machine components and products from corrosion, wear and damage are just as economically important as friction-reducing coatings. They significantly contribute to sustainably reducing energy and material consumption.

Our Services for Mechanical Engineering and Tools Construction

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