Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christoph Leyens

Curriculum Vitae

Name, first name: Leyens, Christoph
Prof. Dr.-Ing.
Date and place of birth: 5.11.1967 in Oldenburg, Germany
Family status: Married, 3 children

Academic background

2005 Habilitation RWTH Aachen, Germany
1997 PhD RWTH Aachen, Germany  
1988–1993 Diploma, RWTH Aachen, Germany

Research experince

since 2018 Managing Director, Fraunhofer Institute of Materials and Beam Technology (press release)
since 2016 Director, Fraunhofer Institute of Materials and Beam Technology (press release)
since 2009 Full Professor, Technische Universität Dresden
2004–2009 Full Professor, Brandenburg University of Technology, Cottbus
1997–2004 Researcher, group leader, acting director, German Aerospace Center, Cologne


Over 250 publications, cited more than 3500 times (H-index of > 40)
Published in high rank journals – Oxidation of Metals, Materials Science and Engineering, Corrosion Science, Acta Materialica, Advanced Materials
Over 150 invited lectures at home and abroad
16 books and book contributions
11 patents

Key research interests

Light weight metallic and intermetallic materials, high temperature materials, functional materials microstructure-property relationships, oxidation and high temperature corrosion and protection against it, surface science and technology, coating and thin film development, additive manufacturing

International collaboration

Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Delft University of Technology, Montanuniversität Leoben, University of Sheffield, Sheffield Hallam University, Linkoping University

Teaching experience

currently 37 doctoral students, thereof 11 external Industrial PhD projects
Over 10 years of teaching experience in various fields of materials science and technology

Administrative experince

since 11 / 2016 Director, Fraunhofer Institute for Materials and Beam Technology IWS, Dresden
2009–2016 Department Head “Thermal Coating and Additive Manufacturing”, Fraunhofer IWS, Dresden (2009-2016)
since 11 / 2011 Director of the Institute of Materials Science, Technische Universität Dresden
2009–2015 Deputy Dean, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Technische Universität Dresden
2007–2009 Vice President for Research, Development and Innovation at BTU Cottbus
2005–2014 CEO of  Research Center for Light-Weight Materials “Panta Rhei gGmbH“, Cottbus
2005–2012 Associate Director of the Institute of Materials Research, German Aerospace Center, Cologne
2003–2004 Acting Director of the Institute of Materials Research, German Aerospace Center


Presidium member of National Academy of Science and Engineering (acatech) (press release) (since 2022)
Member of Wis­senschaftliche Gesellschaft für Lasertechnik e.V. (press release) (since 2020)
Spokesman of the acatech working group Materials Science and Technology (since 2015)
Member of The Association of German Engineers (VDI), The Minerals, Metals and Materials Society (TMS), Deutsche Gesellschaft für Materialkunde (DGM)
Board member of Confederation Materials Science and Engineering (BV MatWerk)
Member of the National Academy of Science and Engineering (acatech) (2009-present)
Board member of the Technology Foundation Brandenburg, Potsdam (2009-2010)

Awards and honours

2019 Adjunct Professor of University of Waterloo, Ontario, Kanada (press release)
2019 Adjunct Professor of RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia (press release)
2016 Visiting SIMTech Fellow, Singapur
2008–2009 Science Ambassador of the State of Brandenburg, Germany  
2009 Lee Hsun Lecture Award of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shenyang, China
1998 Adolf-Martens-Award of Adolf-Martens-Fonds e.V., Berlin
1997 Science Award of German Aerospace Center
1997 Borchers Medal of RWTH Aachen
1994 DGM Young Researchers Award of Deutsche Gesellschaft für Materialkunde e.V.
1994 Otto-Junker-Award of Otto Junker Foundation, Simmerath
1994 Springorum Medal of RWTH Aachen
1990–1993 Scholarship of Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes, Bonn