Direct Laser Interference Patterning

New technologies allowing rapid fabrication of two- and three-dimensional micro-and nano-structures on polymers, metals, ceramics and coatings, open new possibilities in the field of surface engineering. In addition, such technologies do not only offer a route to produce textured surfaces but they also control electrical, chemical and mechanical properties. Therefore, these functionalized surfaces can be used for example in biotechnology, photonics and tribology.


Service offers

  • Development and implementation of compact systems for direct laser interference patterning (DLIP) technology
  • Accurate fabrication of periodic and quasi-periodic structures in the micrometer and sub micrometer range on plain and complex elements on metals, polymers and ceramics
  • Modifying the surface properties (e.g. friction reduction, reflection, bio compatibility)
  • Large area structuring using DLIP and roll-to-roll-technology
  • Topographic analysis of surfaces by confocal microscopy and white light interferometry


  • Unit for laser interference structuring
  • Different ns- and ps-pulsed solid state laser systems
  • CNC-four-axes positioning systems
  • Reflected-light microscopes
  • Tribometer
  • White light interferometer and confocal microscopes
  • Roll-to-roll UV/Hot Embossing System

Event Note


On-Site Workshop

Beam Shaping – New solutions for laser material processing

March 15–16, 2023 in Dresden



Center for Advanced Micro-Photonics (CAMP)

CAMP explores laser-based surface modification and patterning methods.


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News and Media


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Press release / 2.3.2020

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Direct Laser Interference Patterning permits surfaces to be structured in ways that effectively repel ice.