PVD Coatings

Vacuum arc evaporator in reactive mode.
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Vacuum arc evaporator in reactive mode.

The Physical vapor deposition processes (PVD) allow the deposition of high-quality tribological and functional layers in the thickness range from a few nanometers to several tens of micrometers. For this purpose, processes ranging from high-rate vapor deposition to highly activated plasma processes as well as their combinations are available at the Fraunhofer IWS. A particular focus is on the extensive use of arc discharges as the most effective source of high-energy steam jets.

Our Range of Services Includes:

  • Application-specific layers and processes
  • Simulation of arc coating processes
  • Key components for coating systems
  • Consulting

Research Focus


PVD Technologies and Equipment

  • Arc process (vacuum arc deposition)
  • Electron beam; Magnetron sputtering
  • Simulation of coating processes

Components for Coating Systems

  • Plasma filtration
  • Programable arc spot control
  • Plasma cleaning

PVD Coatings

  • Wear protection coatings
  • Decorative layers
  • Electrically conductive layers
  • Layers for frictional force transmission

Student Internships and Professional Papers


In addition, we offer:

Student internships as well as topics and supervision of scientific work.

Otmar Zimmer will be happy to answer questions about open jobs, possible contents, as well as the timeline etc .

Current Vacancies

Highlights and Scientific Expertise


Coating of Cutting Edges


Simulation of Arc Coating Processes



Get an insight into the current publications of Fraunhofer IWS on PVD coatings.



Contributions to efficiency enhancement in arc PVD coating of turbo engine components, Timeframe: 06/2022–05/2025

Edge Sharpening

Coating technology for the targeted setting of edge radii, Timeframe: 06/2019–05/2022 (BMWK, FKZ: 20662BR)

News and Media


News / 22.2.2023

More Efficient Coating Processes thanks to Simulation

Full simulation saves material and creates better results


Annual Report Article

Sharp Cutting Edges Growing Layer by Layer in Vacuum