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Fine-tuning for additive production

“COAXshield” and “LIsec”: Fraunhofer IWS presents shielding gas nozzle and light scanner for laser powder build-up welding at “formnext” trade fair

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“KaSiLi”: Better batteries for electric cars “Made in Germany”

New thin-film electrodes made of silicon and lithium for the “Research Fab Battery”

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High entropy alloys for hot turbines and tireless metal-forming presses

Symposium in Dresden focuses on a new class of materials

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Heat shields for economical aircrafts

Environmentally friendly: IWS Dresden ceramic coatings can reduce engine exhaust gases

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Clean lungs thanks to laser process exhaustion

“CleanRemote” protects work environment against hazardous micro dust

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11th International Laser Symposium

November 23–25, 2020 in Dresden

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Economical energy storage for the electric car of tomorrow

Dresden dry electrode coating technology allows environmentally friendly battery cell production

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Waterproof thanks to rapid lasers

"remoweld®FLEX" technology by Fraunhofer IWS makes nonweldable materials weldable

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Additive machines discover superalloys

Fraunhofer lighthouse project "futureAM" expected to speed up "additive manufacturing" by a factor ten

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Key component for batteries of the future

Fraunhofer IWS is developing innovative solutions for current challenges of lithium metal anodes

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Economical engines due to less friction

Together with the automotive industry, researchers at the Fraunhofer IWS have been working to develop processes for friction-reducing surfaces of engine components over the past few years. Now, carbon dioxide emissions can be reduced even further by enhancing surface technology.

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Fraunhofer IWS

Your compentent partner for all questions in the field of laser and surface technology!

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The Fraunhofer IWS conducts applied research and development in the field of laser and surface technology.


Annual report 2018

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Symposium "High Entropy Alloys: Potential for industrial applications"
Mar 12–13, 2020, Fraunhofer IWS Dresden

8th Workshop "Lithium-Sulfur-Batteries"
Jun 18–19, 2020, Fraunhofer IWS Dresden

9th International Summer School "Trends and new developments in Laser Technology"
Aug 24–28, 2020, Fraunhofer IWS Dresden

Workshop "Metal Organic Frameworks" (MOFs)
Sep 24, 2020, Fraunhofer IWS Dresden

11th International Laser Symposium
Nov 23–25, 2020, Dresden

International Conference on Lithium-Sulfur Batteries
Jun 28–30, 2021, International Congress Center Dresden

Trade fair participations

Jan 21–24, 2020, Hamburg

Jan 24–26, 2020, Dresden

Jan 29–31, 2020, Tokyo, Japan

Battery Japan
Feb 26–28, 2020, Tokyo, Japan

Manufacturing World Japan
Feb 26–28, 2020, Tokyo, Japan

JEC World
Mar 3–5, 2020, Paris, France

Mar 25–26, 2020, Munich

Hannover Trade Fair
Apr 20–24, 2020, Hannover

China International Battery Fair (CIBF)
May 1, 2020, Shenzhen, China

ILA Berlin
May 13–17, 2020, Berlin

Highlights from research and development

Success stories of the Fraunhofer IWS with our customers from economy and industry

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Fine-tuning for additive production

Additive manufacturing systems can generate highly complex components, which could not be produced with conventional machine tools or only with great effort. Nevertheless, such industrial 3D printers are far from being standard equipment in factories. This is not just due to the purchase costs, but also to many other challenges. The Fraunhofer Institute for Material and Beam Technology IWS Dresden has developed particular solutions and will present them at the “formnext” trade fair in Frankfurt am Main in November 2019. Included here are “COAXshield”, a local molten pool shield for laser powder build-up welding and the “LIsec” analysis device for controlling the powder flow in additive manufacturing processes.
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“KaSiLi”: Better batteries for electric cars “Made in Germany”

In the umbrella concept “Research Fab Battery”, German scientists want to develop novel batteries that are capable of storing at least 70 percent more energy for electric vehicles and smartphones than conventional lithium-ion solutions while maintaining the same volume. As part of the cluster of competence for battery materials “ExcellBattMat“ funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), Dresden's “ExcellBattMat Center” (project KaSiLi: structural cathode adaptation for silicon and lithium materials) contributes key components for this new battery generation. On November 1, 2019, researchers from Fraunhofer, TU Dresden and Leibniz started working together on innovative battery electrodes consisting of ultra-thin silicon or lithium layers to achieve high energy densities.
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High entropy alloys for hot turbines and tireless metal-forming presses

A new class of materials promises many innovations in aviation, turbine construction and other branches of industry: High entropy alloys (HEA) are metals in which five or more elements are atomically bonded in similar proportions. Properly designed, they are harder, more heat-resistant and lighter than steel, aluminum and other classic materials. For about 15 years, engineers around the world have been trying to make these innovative materials ready for series production. But high-entropy alloys are still too expensive and difficult to process. The Fraunhofer Institute for Material and Beam Technology IWS Dresden is therefore now inviting experts to a symposium in March 2020 to demonstrate how they can overcome these problems – for example through industrial 3D printing, in other words “Additive Manufacturing”. Fraunhofer IWS will give a first insight with the lecture “High entropy alloys for Additive Manufacturing” on November 21, 2019, 2:15 p.m. at the “TCT Introducing Stage” during the “Formnext” trade fair in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.
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Heat shields for economical aircrafts

To make aircrafts more economical, environmentally friendly and robust, Fraunhofer engineers from Dresden have developed a new ceramic heat shield technology. In this process, a powder of yttrium-stabilized zirconium oxide (YSZ) is added to water to form a suspension. Quickly and cost-effectively this liquid powder mixture can be sprayed onto turbine blades or other aircraft parts. Such and similar thermal barrier coatings (TBCs) facilitate aircraft engines, which consume less fuel and do not contaminate the atmosphere as much.
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