Mechatronic Technicians

Training Program

  • 3 1/2 years

Working Fields

Mechatronic technicians assemble complex mechatronical systems, consisting of mechanical,electrical and electronical components, e.g. robots for industrial applications.

They prepare single components and assemble them to systems and devices. They establish the operation, do the programming, or install the software. 

Mechatronic technicians follow circuit diagrams and drawings, they carefully test the systems before they are delivered to the customer. Beyond these task, mechatronic technicians maintain and repair mechatronical systems.


Profound knowledge in mathematics are indispensible, since measured data have to be calculated and evaluated. Knowledge in informatics are very advantageous, because they are important for hard and software components. Furthermore good marks in physics, German and English are important.


  • with Metall- und Elektroausbildung GmbH, Zum Alten Dessauer 1, 01723 Kesselsdorf

Vocational School

  • Berufliches Schulzentrum für Elektrotechnik, Strehlener Platz 2, 01219 Dresden