Additive Manufacturing and Surface Technology

The technology field Additive Manufacturing and Surface Technology combines extensive knowledge for the use of novel materials and surfaces: from the structure of the materials, to process and system technology development, to the refinement of the components and digital integration. One topic is thermal surface technology. This involves state-of-the-art process and system technology for laser-assisted coating and build-up processes.

Other focal points are thermal spraying, laser plate rolling and direct plating, and heat treatment with a focus on high-precision surface hardening processes. Further research activities involve the generation and printing of components. Additive manufacturing is used to create novel, reliable components with new functionalities. The researchers also use their know-how in the field of micro- and biosystems technology to model and miniaturize the circuits of physiological systems.

Research Topics


Elena Lopez

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Dr.-Ing. Elena Lopez

Division Manager Additive Manufacturing

Phone +49 351 83391-3296

Marko Seifert

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Dipl.-Phys. Marko Seifert

Division Manager Heat Treatment and Thermal Coating

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Frank Sonntag

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Dr.-Ing. Frank Sonntag

Division Manager Biosystems Engineering

Phone +49 351 83391-3259

Centers and Networks


Additive Manufacturing Center Dresden (AMCD)


High-Performance Center “Additive Technologies for Medicine and Health“ (ATeM)


High-Performance Center “Smart Production and Materials“


Strategy project “AGENT-3D“

Additive manufacturing – The 3D revolution for product manufacturing in the digital age



Next Generation Additive Manufacturing


Intelligent gripping tool with self-adaptive properties


Advanced Light-weight BATteRy systems Optimized for fast charging, Safety, and Second-life applications.


Senkung der Feinstaubemissionen durch Antriebssysteme Entwicklung einer kostengünstigen Oberflächenlösung (BREMSclad)

News and Media


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