PVD and Nanotechnology

New coating systems to develop new application areas


X-ray and EUV optics

Complex nanometer multilayer coatings are of increasing importance for high-end applications in optical systems in the X-ray and EUV (extreme ultraviolet) spectral range. Fraunhofer IWS is developing tailor-made and precise nanometer multilayers for mirrors, monochromators and X-ray diffractive elements such as Multilayer Laue Lenses (MLL).


Reactive Multilayers

Reactive multilayer systems (RMS) can deliver heat energy precisely and reproducibly to the contact zone. RMSs consist of nanometer multilayers with hundreds or thousands of individual films in their initial state. These films can exo thermally react with each other if activation energy is introduced.


Carbon coatings

The IWS developed amorphous carbon coatings ( Diamor) are extremely wear resistant and have friction reducing properties. Thus they are very suitable as protective coatings for tools and components in lubricated and non-lubricated applications.

Coating characterization

Friction, wear resistance, hardness, intrinsic stresses and thickness are examples for relevant properties for coating application, which are measured with standardized and self-developed methods.


PVD coatings

The development of PVD coating processes of main interest. We focus our work on application-specific coatings and coating systems especially for wear protection. Furthermore, tribological, electrical, optical and decorative applications are at the core of interest.