Quality management

Certification according to DIN-ISO 9001

Certificate DIN-ISO 9001:2015
Certificate DIN-ISO 9001:2015

Fraunhofer Institute for Material and Beam Technology (IWS) has been certified according to standard DIN ISO 9001 since 1997. Quality is one of our most important topics as it is the basis for our success. Our aim is to reach the highest customer satisfaction level while utilizing cost-effective processes. A prerequisite to achieve this goal is a profound customer understanding through active and permanent interaction as well as resolute action on the part of the whole staff. Customer expectations and wishes are continuously in the focus of our work. In such a way the range of service offered will be perpetually adapted and upgraded.

Service, staff and process quality are the three pillars of the IWS-quality strategy. In addition to the first pillar, the service quality, qualification of staff is an essential criterion for success and quality assurance. High scientific and technical complexity will only be reached via high education standards, long standing experiences as well as daily motivation. The third pillar concerns efficient and effective processes which are realised via consistent process orientation and continuously shortened developmental periods.

Satisfied customers, successful sustainable solutions as well as motivated staff prove the success of our quality strategy. Deep-seated and lived quality principles advanced the IWS to an appreciated partner of its clients. If ever expectations or wishes have not been achieved, we thankfully accept advice and suggestions.