The IWS spin-offs commercialize and optimize innovative developments, made by the scientists of the IWS. They independently realize and distribute systems and products for laser material processing, surface functionalization, optical inspection technology as well as EUV and X-ray optics.

DIVE imaging systems GmbH

Development of Hyperspectral Vision Systems

DIVE imaging systems GmbH, a Fraunhofer IWS spin-off, defines a new class of machine vision for surface and layer inspection. DIVE's “hyperspectral vision devices” synergistically combine the advantages of classical imaging with spectroscopic analysis of chemical-physical properties, including artificial intelligence-based data analysis. These innovative inspection systems enable users to “see” and objectively evaluate previously hidden properties of surfaces and coating systems. DIVE technology automates quality control, reduces inspection time and increases manufacturing quality.

Diese innovativen Inspektionssysteme ermöglichen dem Anwender, bislang verborgene Eigenschaften von Oberflächen und Schichtsystemen zu „sehen“ und objektiv zu bewerten. DIVE-Technologie automatisiert die Qualitätskontrolle, reduziert die Inspektionszeit und erhöht die Fertigungsqualität.

Fusion Bionic GmbH

Functionalized Surfaces with Bioinspired Laser Textures

Fusion Bionic GmbH, located in Dresden, Germany, is a solution provider for laser-based surface functionalization. Born as a spin-off from the Fraunhofer Institute for Material and Beam Technology IWS, Fusion Bionic’s commercial laser interference texturing solutions are suitable for several application areas such as enhanced biocompatibility, reduced friction, optimized surface wettability, anti-icing and anti-sticking properties, decoration as well as product protection.

Its services cover the full value chain in laser-based surface functionalization, ranging from consulting and process development for advanced surface functions, delivery and integration of interference-based manufacturing solutions as well as training and support.

Coaxworks GmbH

System Technology and Services for Direction-Independent, Wire-Based Laser Metal Deposition and Laser Cladding

Founded in 2018, the company coaxworks GmbH produces and develops system technology for direction-independent, wire-based laser metal deposition and laser cladding. The solutions offered can be used as retrofits for existing laser cells, as upgrades for welding robots or as assembly sets for series machines.

Products and Services for Laser Metal Deposition:

  • Coaxial laser welding head for metallic wires,
  • Flexible shielding gas chambers for welding under inert gas atmosphere as well as
  • Feasibility studies, installation service and operator training.


AXO Dresden GmbH

Applied X-ray Optics and High Precision Deposition

AXO Dresden was founded as a spin-off by employees of the Fraunhofer Institute Material and Beam Technology Dresden (IWS) with a participating share of the Fraunhofer Gesellschaft.

Our production program contains both single X-ray optics and complex X-ray optical systems to generate high intensity collimated or focussed monochromatic X-ray beams, special customized depositions and applications in X-ray reflectometry and diffraction.

ALOtec Dresden GmbH

Plant Engineering and Laser Material Processing

The company ALOtec Dresden GmbH was founded as spin-off of the IWS, in 1998.The main business field is laser material processing. This includes the manufacturing of components and entire laser systems according to customer’s demands, as well as job order production at own laser equipment.

Main Foci

  • Laser hardening
  • Laser powder cladding
  • Laser wire buildup welding
  • Laser cleaning