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Service offer carbon coatings

PVD system with Laser-Arc module for ta-C coating of tools
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PVD system with Laser-Arc module for ta-C coating of tools
  • sample and small series coatings of tools, parts and components with Diamor® films
  • development of adapted ta-C based coating systems for special applications
  • consulting on ta-C applications and ta-C deposition technology
  • performance of tribological tests (coefficient of friction and wear measurements)
  • performance of coating analysis (especially E-modulus measurements) using LAwave®
  • performance of topographic and structural characterizations

Coating module LAM 400 and LAM 500

(For 400 and 500 mm coating height respectively, based on Laser-ArcTM  technology)

LAM was specially developed for the industrial fabrication of super hard ta-C carbon coatings. However, it is also suitable for the deposition of all coating types that can be produced with arc technologies. The module can be attached to commercially available PVD coating machines. There it would replace conventional rectangular arc or sputtering sources. The LAM 500 can also be delivered with an additional plasma filter. The IWS cooperates with several PVD equipment manufacturers. We offer complete systems with integrated LAM 500.


Laser acoustic measurement system LAwave for the characterization of coatings and surfaces. Typical application examples are:

  • measurement of E-modulus and coating thickness of ultra thin and thin coatings
  • determination of the porosity and defect density in thermal spray coatings
  • defect depth determination in semiconductor wafers after sawing, lapping and polishing
  • hardness depth determination on hardened parts