Automotive Technology

The automotive industry faces a radical transformation. As a strong partner of automotive manufacturers and their suppliers, Fraunhofer IWS supports the ongoing transformation of the automotive value chain towards electrified, digitalized and environmentally friendly mobility. In particular, the reduction of CO2 emissions and the switch to alternative drives will contribute to achieving ambitious climate and environmental goals.

With expertise and many years of experience, our scientists research and develop modern lightweight design concepts, meet industry-specific quality and safety requirements, and design economical and sustainable engines based on friction-reducing and wear-resistant coating solutions. We offer innovative design and manufacturing solutions, high-performance materials and automated systems engineering to our customers along the entire automotive value chain – from feasibility studies to series-production commissioning.

Service Offer


Car Body, Lightweight Construction and Safety

  • Lightweight construction
  • Fiber composites and mixed construction methods
  • Safety and environmental protection

Alternative Drive Concepts

  • Batteries for electric vehicles
  • Hydrogen fuel cells

Engine and Gear

  • Construction and manufacturing
  • Friction reduction and wear protection

Quality and Product Labeling

  • Quality testing
  • Product labeling

Latest Research and Development Results


Press Release / 11.1.2024

Silicon Nitride-based Particles as Promising Anode Material for Solid State Batteries


Press Release / 20.4.2023

Sulfur and Silicon as Building Blocks for Solid State Batteries

BMBF Project “MaSSiF” Explores Innovative Battery Concept


News / 5.4.2023

New Storage Solutions for the Energy Transition

Electrode Production without Energy Wasters and Light Sulfur Batteries for Aviation


Press release / 14.3.2023

Sharp Hyperspectral Eye for Chip Production

“DIVE imaging systems” Spins off from Fraunhofer IWS in Dresden


Press release / 13.9.2022

Starting signal for the hydrogen age in freight mobility

H2GO – National Fuel Cell Production Action Plan


Press release / 21.9.2022

Sandblasting with Light

Fraunhofer IWS developed a laser technology to clean and structure surfaces particularly quickly while protecting the environment.


News / 28.7.2022

Better batteries thanks to DLIP on new roll-to-roll system

Lightning-fast structures for current conducting foils


Press release / 12.5.2022

DRYtraec® to become technology platform

Fraunhofer IWS receives millions in federal funding for dry battery electrode coating technology


Press release / 12.10.2021

Superlubricity eliminates friction in engines

Fraunhofer IWS works on machines that barely lose energy in the form of waste heat