Laser Cutting

High-speed laser cutting of a complex contour.
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High-speed laser cutting of a complex contour.

The laser cutting working group is primarily concerned with optimizing the laser cutting process in terms of quantity and quality. The tool is the continuous expansion of the own process understanding for special process variants and new cutting applications. Beyond the classical process variants, solutions for niche applications are developed. For this purpose, unique analysis possibilities in flexible experimental setups, access to a wide range of components of laser system technology, as well as in-house cooperation with the process design and analysis group are available. We are your contact for questions that cannot be answered with standard systems and processes. As a development partner, we support system providers and end users with our competencies on the way from the solution idea to series introduction.

Our Range of Services Includes:

  • Highly dynamic and low-damage laser cutting of electrical steel strip
  • Process development for cutting metals with a material thickness of 0.05 mm and more
  • Process development for cutting non-metals and composites
  • Qualification of new processes for production integration
  • Basic experimental investigations to deepen process understanding including simulation and design



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Dynamic Beam Shaping for Optimized Laser Cutting



High Dynamic Laser Fusion Cutting



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More Energy Efficiency in the Process Chain – Expanding the Range of Applications for Naturally Hard Martensitic Sheet Steel by Further Developing Production Technologies, Timeframe04/2024–04/2027 (BMWK, FKZ: 03EN4068A)


Rebuilding Ukraine – Resilient und Sustainable, Timeframe01/2024–12/2024 (Fraunhofer)

Underwater Laser

Laser material processing for underwater applications, Timeframe01/2023–12/2023 (Fraunhofer)


High-rate joining of bipolar plates from two half plates, Timeframe: 05/2022–11/2025 (BMDV, National Action Plan Fuel Cell Production (H2GO) FKZ: 03B11027A)


Dynamic beam modulation for the optimization of industrial laser processes, Timeframe: 10/2019–12/2022 (Fraunhofer DFG cooperation program)


Development of an efficient, novel beam source for laser materials processing of copper, Timeframe: 07/2021–06/2024 (First joint EUREKA and Photonics21 Mirror Group Call)


AI-assisted laser material processing using fast compact piezo-driven 3D beam shaping and new laser sources, Timeframe: 07/2022–06/2025 (Fraunhofer)

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