Laser Cutting

Our laser beam cutting topics focus on the investigation of process developments in the field of laser fusion cuttings. The scientists especially attach attention to the improvement of the cutting quality in the case of solid-state laser. Another main point is to optimize the cutting of electrical steel sheets without losing any magnetic properties.

Furthermore novel cutting procedures, e.g. Remote laser cutting, have to be qualified in order to be integrated into production processes.

For these tasks we have at our disposal all common lasers with different wave lengths, power and beam qualities, combined with highly dynamic 2D and 3D cutting machines. Apart from commercial processing optics we develop special solutions on customers` request such as scanning systems for Remote processings. Furthermore we offer comprehensive methods to characterize the processing results, such as roughness measurements at the cutting edge or the detection of magnetic reversal losses at laser cut electrical steel sheets.



remocut® - Remote laser cutting of lithium-ion cells

Using the Remote technology without gas assistance for the cutting electrical materials for lithium-ion cells means outstanding cutting edge qualities at velocities of several m/min.