Laser beam sources

The laser is the central element of our plants and processes. We offer a wide portfolio of modern and efficient beam sources with high efficiency. In our laser pilot plant we cover the wavelength range from 0.5 to 10 µm. The beam quality ranges from about 2 mm*mrad to about 150 mm*mrad.


Laser welding systems

Besides the development of an excellent welding process, we close the gap between laboratory tests and real components for our customers. With our large size plants we enable technology testing on the large real component / demonstrator. Component lengths of up to 10 m and a unit weight of up to 10 tons constitute no difficulty for our XXL plant.


Special laser welding heads

Latest process developments often require adapted and sometimes individual welding heads, which are not available in this form on the market. In order to support our customers with suitable hardware, we develop and design camera technology for process observation ,integrate sensors for seam detection and tracking and implement them into a robust housing adapted to the intended purpose.