Center for Advanced Micro-Photonics (CAMP)

Laser-based surface modification and patterning methods

CAMP explores laser-based surface modification and patterning methods. Driven by current trends in laser-based micro processing, the Center targets opportunities and challenges in the development of new system, process and measurement solutions. To transfer technologies into industrial processes, the researchers implemented every operation of the entire process chain. CAMP demonstrates cross-operational approaches from simulation via laser process and optical measurements to machine learning. In these endeavors, scientists at the Fraunhofer IWS, in cooperation with the TU Dresden, focus on various applications of laser micro processing and measuring operations. The Center deploys a wide range of current technologies, with numerous applications, such as micro drilling, micro cutting and patterning, as well as laser marking and laser interference patterning.



Fraunhofer IWS, Technology field Microtechnology

The Fraunhofer IWS researches and develops new methods to fabricate 2D and 3D micro-and nano structures on surfaces of polymers, ceramics and coatings. Further the main focus is bundled on micro processing with ultra short pulse lasers.


Fraunhofer Application Center for Optical Metrology and Surface Technologies

The Fraunhofer IWS application center for optical metrology and surface technologies bridges the gap between regional economy and new research approaches in the fields of optical metrology, machine vision and bio-photonics.


Chair of Large Area Laser Based Surface Structuring

LMO focuses on the development of technologies for the high speed functionalization of technical surfaces. To achieve this objective, we try to find the relationships between surface morphology with specific surface properties. The complex topographies that are required are produced either by laser based technologies or roll to roll imprinting and hot embossing methods.