Fraunhofer IWS and IAPT together with Australian RMIT Centre for Additive Manufacturing Start Project "UltraGrain"

Ultrasound Makes 3D Printed Parts Stronger and More Durable

Press release (Nr. 14) - Fraunhofer IWS Dresden /

In the near future, ultrasound will enable industrial 3D printers to manufacture more robust, durable and cheaper components for aerospace, toolmaking and other industries than ever before. Researchers from Dresden, Hamburg and Melbourne, Australia, have joined forces in a research alliance to bring this new technology to market within three years. Their “UltraGrain” project, launched in June 2022, aims to produce a tailored fine-grained microstructure (“grading”) in wire- and powder-based additive manufacturing technologies which promises to improve the mechanical properties and corrosion resistance of the majority of engineering alloys.