Bonding and Fiber Composite Technology

Bonding technology is a highly efficient joining technique that is being used more and more successfully in all manufacturing industries. We at IWS not only offer technical consultation on choosing the best adhesive system available on the market, but also application adapted processing technologies for highly productive and automated joining. Here we focus on the optimization of the bond between the surfaces and the adhesive through specific surface pretreatment processes (laser, plasma, blast technologies, etc.)

Now we can also apply our years of experience and expertise to thermal direct joining of thermoplastics with metals and nonmetals. This offers a substitute for adhesive systems, as well as reduces joining process times.

If thermoplastics are to be joined, laser-based laminating, fusion or transmission welding processes are employed.

These approaches provide joining technologies for efficient lightweight design based on reinforced composites and multi-material design and have been developed in our group up to a level ready for series production.



Butt strap integration technology development with tooling design, validation, implementation in major component assembly and operation


News / 20.5.2021

Bonds against electrostatic discharges

In the "ESDBond" project, the Kunststoff-Zentrum (SKZ) and Fraunhofer IWS successfully modified flexible electrically conductive adhesives and potting compounds to dissipate electrostatic charges.


Technologies for modern lightweight construction