Carbon Coatings

The IWS developed amorphous carbon coatings (Diamor®) are exceptionally useful as protective coatings. Films of a wide thickness range are deposited achieving excellent adhesion and performance. The synthesis process operates at low temperatures in a vacuum environment with a special pulsed arc process. IWS engineers collaborate with industrial partners to commercialize Diamor® coatings and the associated coating machine technology. As part of this portfolio we have developed the unique thin film testing technique LAwave, which is applied for coating optimization and quality control.



Plasma filtered ta-C coatings

A plasma filter was developed especially for the Laser-ArcTM technology and the coating module LAM 500. The filter replaces the adapter flange, which usually connects the source chamber to the coating machine. In filtered operation the technology deposits smooth ta-C coatings of low defect densities, which significantly outperform unfiltered coatings. The deposition rate is reduced by about 40% compared to unfiltered deposition.



IWS developed Diamor® coatings are made from tetrahedral amorphous carbon (ta-C). They are extremely wear resistant and have low friction properties. They are well suited as wear resistant coatings for tools, parts and components in lubricated and non-lubricated conditions.



For the industrial introduction of Diamor® coatings IWS collaborates with commercial partners to provide coatings and systems technologies including the Laser-Arc coating source and the laser acoustic test apparatus LAwave for quality control and coating optimization.



  • Basics of ta-C coating fabrication
  • Conditions for producing ta-C coatings
  • ta-C coating formation

Highlights and Scientific Experise


Tribology Innovation Center Dresden (TICD)

Tribological coatings and surface modifications – expertise in friction reduction and wear protection