Optical Metrology

Developing innovative concepts for optical metrology, surface characterization, image processing, and process control: Modern laboratories have a wide range of different instruments for this purpose, with which measurement and processing services are carried out on behalf of customers. We further develop standard procedures for hardware and software for use in an industrial environment and open up new application possibilities in integration. We also focus on developing and evaluating innovative measurement and laser processes for the automotive and semiconductor industries, as well as medical engineering and mechanical engineering

Behind this is a research facility that builds a bridge between industry, education and applied science: In cooperation with Westsächsische Hochschule Zwickau (WHZ), Fraunhofer IWS operates the Fraunhofer Application Center for Optical Metrology and Surface Technologies AZOM. With its connection to WHZ, Fraunhofer AZOM is strongly committed to training technical engineers. The Zwickau site offers students the opportunity to work on industry-related research topics.

Research Focus


Optical Fiber Technology

Fraunhofer AZOM creates rapid and highly precise measurement techniques for analyzing interference patterns and identifying surface defects.


Surface Metrology

Specialized in the development of measurement systems for optical surface characterization. Solutions with high resolution or speed.


Optical Inspection Technology

Highly sensitive, selective and non-contact - optical spectroscopic methods for a wide range of applications in process and laboratory analysis.



Fraunhofer AZOM

Fraunhofer AZOM builds a bridge between the research expertise of  Fraunhofer IWS in Dresden and West Saxon University of Applied Sciences Zwickau. 



A universal spectral imaging sensor platform for industry, agriculture and autonomous driving, Timeframe: 12/2023–05/2028 (EU, FKZ: 101135827)

Future Mobility

Green Mobility “Made in Saxony” – Innovative Solutions for Future-oriented Automotive and Industrial Applications, Timeframe: 07/2023–06/2026 (SAB/EFRE)


Waveguide-based trace gas analysis of methane, Timeframe: 03/2023–03/2026 (BMBF: FKZ 01LY2210B)


Digital Vision Experts, Timeframe: 10/2022–03/2024 (BMWK: FKZ 03EFTSN217)

News and Media


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