Optical Metrology

Research Focus


Optical Fiber Technology and Surface Metrology

Development of new approaches in optical metrology, image processing, process control, and surface characterization


Optical Inspection Technology

The scientists focus their research on the development of optical-spectroscopical measuring technologies to characterize and to monitor gas phase processes by ppb trace gas, multi gas and aerosol analytics. 



A universal spectral imaging sensor platform for industry, agriculture and autonomous driving, Timeframe: 12/2023–05/2028 (EU, FKZ: 101135827)


Waveguide-based trace gas analysis of methane, Timeframe: 03/2023–03/2026 (BMBF: FKZ 01LY2210B)


Digital Vision Experts, Timeframe: 10/2022–03/2024 (BMWK: FKZ 03EFTSN217)

News and Media


Press Release / 29.1.2024

“Multi-color Vision” for Drone Flight, Vertical Farming and Autonomous Driving


Press Release / 29.11.2023

Joint Project for Green Mobility “Made in Saxony”

Europe and Saxony Support the "Future Mobility" Cooperation


Press Release / 1.6.2023

Optimizing Production Processes through Modularization

Fraunhofer IWS at Laser World of Photonics


News / 24.5.2023

Precise Mobile Tracking for Emission Reduction

Measurement System for Fast and Reliable Methane Detection