Technologies for Modern Lightweight Construction

Lightweight structures, consisting of fiber composite materials and tailor-designed part geometries can excellently meet the demanding requirements to cost and energy-saving products. To reduce the costs for these structures, the scientists of the Fraunhofer IWS Dresden focus their work to optimize this manufacturing process chain.



  • Highspeed joining of metal & polymer
  • Processing tools for thermal direct joining
  • Simulation and optimization

Remote laser cutting (Remocut®FRP)

  • Cutting process with high productivity and flexibility
  • Wear-free due to non-contact tool: Light
  • Minimization of the heat-affected zone

Reactive joining of plastic & hybrid joints

  • Joining within milliseconds
  • Low stress joints with minimal thermal stress
  • Multimaterial joints between plastics, metals and ceramics possible

Functionalization of FRP by thermal spraying

  • Protective and functional layers of metal, polymer or ceramic on fiber composite components
  • Multilayer systems e. g. for electrical heating systems on CFRP components
  • Substrate preparation for series production

Laser structuring of fibre-reinforced plastics

  • Increased bonding strength by selective matrix removement and structuring
  • Contact-free joining surface pretreatment without chemicals or additives
  • Highest process flexibility

Tailored laser surface texturing

  • Application e. g. self-cleaning, anti-icing
  • High processing speed without chemicals or additives
  • Suitable for 3D geometries



Lightweight construction networks

Find out more about expertise relevant to lightweight construction in Germany as well as worldwide in the following networks: