Materials Tester

Training Program

  • 3 1/2 years

The Apprenticeship Focuses on

  • Mechanical engineering


During your training program you will learn to investigate metallic materials and to modify their characteristics by technological processes on your own. You will acquire basic knowledge in metal processing.

Since you will have profound knowledge about the previous processing steps you will be able to detect defects and to analyze them and furthermore to consult about possible sources of error.

The testing methods are subject to standardized guidelines.

Working Fields

Focus: mechanical engineering: You investigate given metallic or non-metallic materials for defects and you control the constant quality of the product. You will try to find the reasons for possible defects. You will determine material characteristics (e.g. hardness, strength, deformability, tenacity by destructive and non- destructive testing methods.

You will have most modern testing devices at your disposal. With the metallographic microscope you will investigate the inner structure of metals. A detailed documentation of the measuring results belongs also o your tasks.


  • Good marks in mathematics, physics, German and English


  • Alternating: Metall- und Elektroausbildung gGmbH, Kesselsdorf  and the vocational school (Berufliches Schulzentrum für Technik und Wirtschaft „Julius Weißbach“, Freiberg)