Direct Energy Deposition and Hybrid Manufacturing

The range of our service offer includes R&D research for the generative processes of laser buildup welding with wire and powder as well as the combination of laser buildup welding and milling.

Fraunhofer IWS scientists particularly focus their research into multi-scale developments of manufacturing processes, system technological solutions and on-site support for our customers. The broad spectrum is used to process appropriate materials according to customer’s requirements in a defect-free manner with consideration for aspects of economic efficiency, profitability and quality.

The individualized products are single components (starting with a quantity of one), small series, components from user-specific multi-material concepts as well as design modifications and repair of complex high-value components without size limits.

Another main aspect of our scientific research is the integration of printed electronic components for measuring value monitoring, temperature control or energy conversion into additive-manufactured 3D structures.



  • Laser buildup welding with wire and powder
  • High performance deposition
  • Laser milling combination

Event Notes

Berlin / 12.–13.03.2025

Fraunhofer DDMC 2025

Fraunhofer Direct Digital Manufacturing Conference


May 21–23, 2025 | Dresden

ISAM 2025

6th International Symposium on Additive Manufacturing

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Strategy Project “AGENT-3D“

Additive manufacturing – The 3D revolution for product manufacturing in the digital age


Adaptive Laser Beam for Additive Manufacturing, Timeframe: 01/2024–12/2027 (EU, FKZ: HORIZON-CL4-2023-TWIN-TRANSITION-01-0)


Development of an efficient, novel beam source for laser materials processing of copper, Timeframe: 07/2021–06/2024 (First joint EUREKA and Photonics21 Mirror Group Call)


Rapid prototype development for future-proof aviation, Timeframe: 09/2022–08/2026 (BMWK, FKZ: 20L2105B1)

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