Fraunhofer USA CMW

Making innovation a reality

The Fraunhofer USA Center Midwest (CMW) combines a broad range of materials development and processing expertise at its two locations. The Coatings and Diamond Technologies division in East Lansing and Laser Applications in Plymouth offer their customers access to state-of-the-art thin film coatings, diamond materials as well as laser applications.

Laser Applications Division

© Fraunhofer USA
© Fraunhofer USA

The Laser Applications Division has been operating in the USA since 1994 developing laser applications for a wide range of American industrial customers. The center is located in Plymouth, Michigan near Detroit.

Technologies and branches

New laser applications for a wide variety of industrial applications: With their expertise in laser materials processing and its stateof- the-art laser systems, the scientists provide support in developing process solutions for customized benefits. Their research covers a wide range of laser processes including welding, cutting, drilling, coating, heat treating, surface marking and structuring, and additive manufacturing. Another area of expertise is the development of system technology for process monitoring and control.

Worldwide competence

Fraunhofer IWS maintains a close relationship with the CMW and this offers a number of advantages to IWS including the ability to recognize quickly new trends in the US market, which can influence the technology development plan for both IWS and CMW. The research and development work performed in the United States generates additional know-how and competencies, which benefit the project acquisition in German and European markets.

Coatings and Diamond Technologies Division

© Fraunhofer USA
© Fraunhofer USA

The Coatings and Diamond Technologies Division is located in East Lansing, Michigan. The division’s projects address coating and technology solutions that combine processes, materials and systems engineering know-how with scientific excellence, quality and project management. 


  • Materials coating and testing for customer applications
  • Product development research and projects
  • Consulting and engineering services
  • Materials characterization, as well as 
  • Systems development, integration, installation and support.

Since 1998, solutions based on physical and chemical vapor deposition (PVD and CVD) and laser technology have been developed – from micro to macro scale.


  • High performance wear resistant diamond-like carbon and ceramic coatings for tooling and component applications,
  • Development of novel and proprietary coating solutions for customer applications,
  • Development of applications and products for CVD diamond materials.

Fraunhofer CMW’s goal is to provide customers with competitive next generation coating solutions. Such solutions include materials, processes and equipment installations, as well as coating service agreements. A part of service is to provide customers with access to state-of-the-art thin film coating and characterization equipment.

Since 2003 Fraunhofer CMW and Michigan Sate University closely collaborate on applied research and development projects in the areas of diamond and coatings technologies.onal reputation.