Cutting and Joining



Laser welding

The integration of laser beam welding with short-term heat treatment and adapted filler materials provides a new approach to crack free welding of tough materials such as hardenable and high strength steels, cast iron, aluminum and special alloys as well as parts of high stiffness.

Component design and special technologies

We are a competent team with outstanding simulation expertise and suitable specialized technologies to realize customized holistic solutions for tomorrow's industry.


Bonding and composite technology

We develop technologies and system technology components required for the fabrication of material- as well as material- and form-fitting joints of metal, plastic, glass and ceramics. In addition to bonding technology, thermally induced direct joining processes in particular are being further developed, enabling the rapid and reliable joining of thermoplastic materials with metals and non-metals.

Laser Ablation and Cutting


High speed laser processing

Customer-tailored solutions for processing optics with enhanced functionality, CAD/CAM tools for Remote and on-the-fly processing and software components for online process monitoring and control.

Laser cutting

Laser beam cutting research topics include the development of technologies such as the process throughput optimization for components made of all materials that are used in modern manufacturing. At the IWS we use highly dynamic 2D and 3D cutting machines with direct linear drives and modern robots as well as laser of various power and beam quality levels.

Process design and analysis

The profound understanding of physical mechanisms and inherent interactions supports the finding of new approaches for process optimization and performance advancements. In line with this guiding idea, we have been focusing our research on the development of theoretical models for laser material processing.

Laser Precision Processing


Laser micro processing

IWS engineers utilize substantial equipment and facility installations and solid know-how to perform applied research projects in the field of micro and fine processing with laser beams. Targeted applications are the miniaturization of functional elements in machines, systems, vehicles, instruments and medical devices.

Direct laser interference patterning

New methods are developed to fabricate 2D and 3D micro-and nano structures on surfaces of polymers, ceramics and coatings. In addition to these topological modifications it is also possible to periodically vary ….

Cooperation projects


Qualification of 532 nm-cw fundamental mode CBC fiber lasers of high power for innovative processes and equipment of macromaterial processing of pure copper materials


Fostering the PAN-European infrastructure for empowering SMEs digital competences in laser-based advance and additive manufacturing


Advanced Light-weight BATteRy systems Optimized for fast charging, Safety, and Second-life applications


Efficient and fuel-flexible internal combustion engines based on innovative materials, layer systems and hybrid designs

Press and Media


Press release / 21.7.2021

Flexible fiber laser for rapid material processing

Fraunhofer IWS evaluates thousand times faster beam shaping


News / 20.5.2021

Bonds against electrostatic discharges

In the "ESDBond" project, the Kunststoff-Zentrum (SKZ) and Fraunhofer IWS successfully modified flexible electrically conductive adhesives and potting compounds to dissipate electrostatic charges.


Press release / 18.5.2021

"Fusion Bionic" lasers lotus effects

Fraunhofer IWS Dresden spins off lasertech company