Medical Engineering

Smaller, customized and intelligent medical products – at Fraunhofer IWS we investigate important future topics in medical engineering. In addition to effective patient care, the cost factor for medical products also plays a decisive role. Innovations will only prevail in everyday medical practice if they offer an advantage over the current state of the art while being affordable.

We develop technologies as well as manufacturing processes and test novel high-performance materials in close cooperation with medical institutions such as hospitals and university clinics, research institutes and manufacturers of medical devices. We employ artificial intelligence (AI) methods, for example, to realize, individualize and digitize medical devices and products such as surgical implants. Our additive manufacturing processes are proving to be important cornerstones for customized and quality manufacturing. In addition, our "lab-on-chip" systems will provide a fast and cost-effective solution for near-patient laboratory diagnostics in the future. 

Our services for medical engineering

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Press release / 9.1.2023

Radioactive Substances Fight Cancer in the Mini-lab

Reduce the number of animal experiments in radiopharmaceutical research


Press release / 29.6.2022

Fraunhofer project FibroPaths®

Enabling rapid and safe development of antifibrotic drugs


Press release / 27.1.2022

Lab-on-chip systems

From prototype to series production in no time


Press release / 28.6.2021

When the hip joint comes out of the printer

Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft's German-Polish High-Performance Center brings additive manufacturing to medical technology


News / 11.2.2021

Intelligent robots for targeted combating of viruses and bacteria

Post-cleaning concepts for the removal of reaction and decomposition products 


Press release / 26.2.2020

Detect cell changes faster

Detecting changes in cell cultures of cartilage and soft tissue