Powder Bed Processing and Printing

Additively manufactured coating head with filigree structures made of pure copper.
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Additively manufactured coating head with filigree structures made of pure copper.

The work focuses on the development of powder bed-based processes for metallic 3D print as well as printing processes for the fabrication of complex electronic structures. The range of processes includes laser-based processes such as laser powder bed fusion (PBF-LB) and binder jetting (BJ), as well as electron beam melting (PBF-EB), (metal) fused filament fabrication (FFF), dispenser printing and aerosol jet printing. For the selective heat treatment of additively manufactured parts, various furnaces with controlled atmospheres are employed.


Our range of services includes:

  • Process development: Powder bed-based additive manufacturing and printing of electronic structures
  • Thermal post-treatment with different lamps (IR and flash)
  • Heat treatment in controlled atmosphere (e. g. pure hydrogen)
  • Paste and ink development
  • Development of system components

Research Topics


  • Powder bed processing
  • 3D printing
  • Pre and post treatment


  • Aerospace technology
  • Medical engineering


  • Heat treatment
  • Paste and ink production
  • Analytics



May 21–23, 2025 | Dresden

ISAM 2025

6th International Symposium on Additive Manufacturing

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News / 31.3.2022


Aerospike rocket engine with 6000 Newton thrust from the powder bed 3D printer



AeroSPIke Rocket Engine Realisation, Timeframe: 04/2020–03/2023 (Europäische Raumfahrtagentur ESA)


Intelligent gripping tool with self-adaptive properties, Timeframe: 07/2021–06/2022 (BMBF: FKZ 02P20E110)


Printed heater for space structures


Surface coating and microstructuring for compound functionalised biomaterials in dentistry, Timeframe: 07/2022–06/2025 (M-ERA.NET Call 2021, FKZ: 100 638 788)


Rapid prototype development for future-proof aviation, Timeframe: 09/2022–08/2026 (BMWK, FKZ: 20L2105B1)

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