Fraunhofer Application Center for Optical Metrology and Surface Technologies (AZOM)

Service portfolio along the entire value chain

Fraunhofer AZOM occupies a position at the interface between the mechanical engineering and semiconductor production sectors typical of the region. The expertise fields of the Application Center complement the business fields of the headquarter institute Fraunhofer IWS in Dresden in optical metrology, sensor technology and laser-based surface technology.

Optical metrology and process integration

  • Conception and implementation of complex, industrially suitable, optical measurement methods
  • Development of industrially suitable, application-specific system components (light sources, detectors, signal acquisition and processing, software)
  • Surface characterization (structure measurement, image processing)
  • Development of customer-specific sensors and actuators
  • Non-destructive monitoring of processes and components
Contract measurements
  • Broad range of commercial optical measurement methods
  • Expertise in numerical data analysis and evaluation
  • Scientific services
Implementation into industry
  • Adaptation and integration of established measurement methods in industrial systems
  • All-in solutions up to series maturity and software integration
Development of measuring technologies
  • Development and testing preferably of optical measuring methods for production and/or user's requirement profile
  • From the research solution to the prototype


Laser-based surface technologies

  • Laser technologies in surface processing and surface structuring
  • Laser technologies in surface processes (surface cleaning, pretreatment)
  • Development of industrially suitable, application-specific software for laser control
  • Development of customer-specific complete systems (lasers, scanners, safety devices)
Implementation into industry
  • Adaptation and integration of established laser processes into your system
  • All-in solution up to series maturity and software integration
Process development
  • Development and testing of laser processes for your production and/or your application profile
  • From research solution to prototyp

From contract measurement to the implementation of industrial measurement methods and laser technologies

Fraunhofer AZOM three-pillar model of services along the entire value chain:

Pillar 1 - Contract measurements and customer-specific surface treatment
Modern equipment with professional measurement technology ranging from hazemeters to electron microscopes with coordination transmission to 3D microscopy or various laser systems provides the platform for a broad spectrum of measurement and processing services at Fraunhofer AZOM.


Pillar 2 - Industrial integration
The second pillar of Fraunhofer AZOM focuses on preparing off-the-shelf standard processes in the field of optical technologies for industrial applications. These activities are designed to offer companies an industrial integration service for standard processes available on the market. Focal points are process integration in industrial processes, the development of control software and the adaptation of standard systems and components to users' requirements. A wide range of established in-house developments in measurement technology and light sources, evaluation of software modules as well as opto-mechanical components and systems complete the Fraunhofer AZOM portfolio.


Pillar 3 - Measurement and surface process development
Fraunhofer AZOM’s third pillar represents the main focus of its innovations and scientific research work. Development and evaluation of new measuring and laser methods constitute the primary research activities. Research is divided into self-financed basic developments (often within the scope of qualification work), direct contract research for companies and, to a large extent, public funding projects for application-oriented research.


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