Multifuctional filters for environmentally friendly and work-protective cleaning of exhaust gases from high-tech processes (MultiFUN)

The joint project "MultiFUN" aims at the development of novel porous filter materials in order to clean exhaust gases from high-tech processes in an environmentally friendly and work-protective manner and to dehumidify process gases effectively.

Within the scope of the project "MultiFUN", a new, modular and flexible filter system for the effective elimination of exhaust gas components and particles from laser smoke and plasma fumes is to be developed, integrated into industrial processes and tested with regard to filter efficiency, flexibility and sustainability.



"Characterization and evaluation of active materials as well as design and testing of filter modules."

The project goal is the conception and design of the filter system to be developed, including the specific filter modules and the development of the integrated filter load indicator. The selection and evaluation of various active materials (adsorbers and catalysts) with regard to their filter effect is of particular importance. In addition, Fraunhofer IWS is also responsible for the optical spectroscopic multi-gas sensors of the active material test facility.