Spot joining for stable hybrid joints

Load-bearing hybrid joints made of metals and thermoplastics are becoming increasingly important for industrial applications. 


HPCi® technology for thermal direct joining of fiber - reinforced composities to metal

The global situation in terms of lightweight design strategies using various materials is characterized by an increasing demand for flexible manufacturing technologies for sheet-like materials and semi-finished parts that enable efficient solutions, predominantly in the automotive and aircraft industries.


Multi-remote system for efficient pre-processing of large surfaces

The cw remote laser processes, which can be implemented by means of the prototype system, are profitably used in multi-material lightweight constructions for direct thermal joining of metal with thermoplastic fiber-reinforced compounds.


Environmentally friendly surface pretreatment with power lasers for manufacturing fiber metal laminates (FML)

Large-area structuring with high power lasers can replace wet chemical surface pretreatment and at the same time ensures good adhesion for even bonding.


Efficient emission exhaustion and component cleaning for large-area laser remote processing (CleanRemote)

Thanks to new brillant high-performance laser beam sources and suitable system technology, it is now possible to realize quasi-simultaneous laser processing in large working areas (up to 1 m²).


Innovative joining technology for automated butt joining of elastomer-based cavity seals

In automotive engineering, elastomer-based EPDM cavity profiles for sealing passenger areas are state of the art and widely used in industry.


Structural bonding of textile-reinforced thermoplastic compounds

To use thermoplastic fiber-reinforced composites in large series production, suitable reproducible bonding techniques are also needed.


Metal surfaces with organophilic structures for reproducible and long-life bonded joints

Aluminum materials and other metals with an anodic oxide outer film, need anticorrosive and inhibiting oxide layers of sufficient thickness and density.


Fabrication of elastomer composites and compounds

Dielectric elastomer actuators are electrically active polymers and are not only used as actuators, but can also function as sensor systems or energy converters.


Surfaces activation techniques in the production of lithium-ion cells

Contact tabs of aluminum conductor sealing areas must be pre-processed to guarantee a strong adhesive bond, tightness and long-term ageing resistance.


High-strength, transparent glass-metal bonded joints for civil engineering and architecture

Within the scope of a PROINNO research project, thousands of glass-metal and glass-glass bonded joints were produced, aged and tested.


Laser-supported joining techniques for edge bonding of furniture panel boards

A compact and flexible heating tool was designed and built by using a quickly tiltable mirror, in combination with a direct irradiated diode laser.


Reproducible pre-form fabrication for textile-reinforced plastics

Particularly complicated part geometries demand significantly enhanced production accuracy, as well as reproducibility of the cutting, handling, stacking and compounding processes.