Filter media test rig

TOPAS AFC 132 filter media test rig for testing flat filter media.
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TOPAS AFC 132 filter media test rig for testing flat filter media.


The TOPAS AFC 132 filter media test rig from tests flat filter media with regard to characteristic properties. The media holder enables testing of media samples with a diameter of 150 mm Fast and reliable measurements of differential pressure behavior, fractional efficiency and integral total efficiency as important parameters can be performed. The temporal stability of filter media with respect to aerosol retention can also be determined. Prior to measurement, the media samples are pretreated in a conditioning chamber by means of isopropanol.

We are happy to support you in evaluating and comparing new and established filter media on the market using precise particle measurement technology


  • TOPAS AFC 132 filter media test rig
  • Cross section of the filter media 150 mm
  • Test with air under laboratory conditions (recording of temperature, humidity, ambient pressure)
  • TOPAS aerosol generator ATM221 
    • Mass flow approx. 0.6 g/h
    • Aerosol liquid DEHS
      Number concentration >108 particles/cm3
      Aerosol size 0.1 – 0.5µm
    • Use of further test aerosols possible (NaCl, KCI etc.) 
  • Pressure drop across filter medium 0 – 25hPa
  • Control of stable volume flows 0 – 40m3/h
  • Measurement of aerosol size distribution with SMPS on raw gas and clean gas side as number distribution
  • Determination of the fractional efficiency
  • Determination of the integral efficiency
  • Measurement of pressure drop across the filter media
  • Comparison of filter media
  • TOPAS conditioning chamber TDC 585