Gas filtration

Multilayer-structured filter
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Multilayer-structured filter

For assessing and minimizing the exposition at work sites, in the periphery of production machines, in offices and buildings it is essential to identify potential hazards even at low concentrations and neutralize them through suitable filter systems by adsorption. For the identification of toxic gases we offer dedicated analysis techniques based on gas measurement cells for multi component analysis via IR-spectroscopy. By varying the cell length, concentrations at the lower ppm level are accessible. For trace gases (ppb) we rely on laser diode spectroscopy and mass spectrometry.

For the abatement of toxic gases from breathing or process air the identification and evaluation of suitable filter materials is essential. Based on a wide variety of commercially available adsorbents such as activated carbons, zeolites, catalysts we deduce and recommend specific solutions for our customers. Based on filter tests (breakthrough curves) we determine the efficiency of the filter under relevant humidity conditions. We also include modern, innovative adsorbents, such as Metal-Organic Frameworks or Covalent Organic Frameworks, nowadays record leading materials in terms of porosity and functionality, in our investigations. Moreover, the application of new catalysts can support the removal (decomposition) of specific toxic trace gases.

Innovative filter materials and their cyclic performance is readily evaluated using optical calorimetry (InfraSORP-Technology). This method enables the estimation of filter efficiency and residual capacity in only 5 minutes (Screening). Subsequently, exceptional materials are quantitatively evaluated using breakthrough measurements.

Range of services:

  • Analyses of process gases
  • Assessment of indoor air quality
  • Filter testing in the style of DIN norms
  • Breakthrough measurements
  • Analysis of adsorption kinetics
  • Analysis of residual filter capacity
  • Screening of novel adsorbents
  • Cyclic filter tests

Toxic gases:

  • Ammonia, NH3
  • Hydrogen sulfide, H2S
  • Nitrous oxides: NO, NO2
  • Carbon monoxide, CO
  • Volatile organic compounds, VOC
  • Toluene, Benzene, Arenes
  • Cyclohexane, Alkanes
  • Aldeyhdes: Formaldehyde, Acetaldehyde, etc.
  • Ethylene oxide (EO)
  • Specific gases on request

Indoor climate control relevant gases:

  • Humidity management
  • Carbon dioxide, CO2