Dresden Science Night

Fraunhofer IWS Dresden, June 14, 2019, 18:00 - 00:00 Uhr

70 Years of Fraunhofer: 
Fraunhofer Anniversary Petit Four as a money box to build yourself


70 Years of Fraunhofer: Let's celebrate at the "IWS-Creative-Bar"
Together with the chemists in our house you can create your own mix drink. Here ingenuity is required and of course enjoyment.
Foyer at Fraunhofer IWS


Fraunhofer Anniversary Petit Four: Collect for your own "technical" anniversary cake
Steps 1-6: We have a little present for you, which you can assemble yourself. Many stations in our laser hall are therefore under the slogan "Fraunhofer Anniversary Petit Four". At the same time you experience laser processes in action, can become active yourself and at the end even your name appears on the giveaway by laser.
Laser hall

Fraunhofer-Jubiläums-Petit-Four: Layer with gold decor
Step 1: To an anniversary, belongs the color gold. We create the gold layer with a plasma. You will experience the coating process and already have your first component for the "Technical" Petit Four.
Lab A 214

Fraunhofer-Jubiläums-Petit-Four: Life long connection - dekor film and wreath of cream
Step 2: You can find out which parameters are important when joining a TiN layer with a stainless steel ring at the laser welding station. Here you can closely observe the welding process.
Laser hall

Fraunhofer Anniversary Petit Four: Wreath of Cream
Step 3: We give the cake a metallic cream wreath quickly and precisely with laser deposition welding.
Laser hall

Fraunhofer Anniversary Petit Four: Fondant decoration of the cake top layer
Step 4: With the laser you can vaporize material and work your way deeper and deeper into the material. In this way, cleaned surfaces, engraved surfaces or even holes are created - or on top your Name.
Laser hall

Fraunhofer Anniversary Petit Four: Gluing with sugar icings
Step 5: Cake base and cream wreath are bonded using bonding technology
Laser hall

Fraunhofer Anniversary Petit Four: Slicing of the cake
Step 6: You see something small as something big. A cross section of the cake lets you discover exciting. At the same time you can take care of the qualitiy Management.
Foyer at Fraunhofer IWS

Jubiläums-Petit-Four: Time for candle light
Last step: Put the birthday candle on the cake, take a picture and post it. You are there!
Foyer at Fraunhofer IWS

This is, wher the action is.
Heavy metal – Laser deposition welding technology is closely linked to 3D printing. You will learn about this technology's latest research results and make these components sound.
Laser hall


21:00–21:30  Lithium-Sulfur-Batteries – Lecture on the latest development of low-cost storage media with high energy density
Referent: Anne Baasner
Location: Fraunhofer IKTS, Room Meißen