Products and Projects


Novel system technology for friction stir welding of large-scale aircraft components

This friction stir welding machine consists of a novel clamping system suitable for three-dimensional curved weld seam geometries and an autonomous moving combined welding/milling robot (trolley) that moves along the clamping system.


Fabricating mixed material joints from Al-Cu using magnetic pulse welding

Electromagnetic pulse welding applies extreme localized pressures, which leads to a quasi melt-free welding process for almost any material combination. Due to its nature, this welding principle avoids the formation of intermetallic phases in the weld seam.

Fabricating mixed material joints from Al-Cu using friction stir welding

Friction stir welding is a mechanical process that joins materials in their solid phase. Undesirable melt related metallurgical effects are avoided such as the formation of intermetallic phases.

Friction stir welding at three-dimensional contours

The demands for machines and controls are substantial when fabricating spatially curved structures using friction stir welding. IWS engineers developed a cost effective alternative to conventional machine concepts.

Friction stir welding for aerospace applications

Fraunhofer IWS engineers and scientists have spent more than ten years researching joining technologies and industrial concepts to reduce the production costs and time of manufacturing lightweight aircraft fuselages.