New technologies for the joining of metallic and nonmetallic materials


Welding of hard-to-weld materials

The integration of laser beam welding with short-term heat treatment and adapted filler materials provides a new approach to crack free welding of tough materials such as hardenable and high strength steels, cast iron, aluminum and special alloys as well as parts of high stiffness.

Surface pre-treatment and constructive bonding

Our offered services include pretreatment processes, surface characterization, constructive adhesive bonding of various materials and the determination bonding strength and aging. A new direction aims at the integration of carbon nanotubes into the adhesives.

Special joining technologies

Expanding welding limits - new ideas to overcome challenges of modern materials and material combinations! The primary focus is on friction stir welding, laser beam soldering, laser induction roll plating, and electromagnetic pulse welding. The offer includes process development, prototype welding and systems development.

Component design

The designs we have developed for our partners are suitably strong and efficient to manufacture. With the help of finite element simulations for the design of structural components, we are especially able to take into account the specific changes to the materials due to the different processing steps.