München  /  March 23, 2022  -  March 24, 2022


International Exhibition and Conference for the Printed Electronics Industry


Hall BO, booth 308 (Joint booth with Organic Electronic Saxony e.V. (OES))


23.03.2022, from 14:00 to 14:20

Spectroscopic techniques open the door to high-performance measurement and inspection solutions for ultrabarrier foils
(Dr. Wulf Grählert, Fraunhofer IWS)

ICM Roo 13b | Technical Conference
Conference Program

Live on site:

  • HSI – Hyperspectral imaging: a versatile tool for inline inspection of surfaces and thin film systems
  • HiBarSens® – Determination of lowest water vapor permeation rates and oxygen permeation rates

The Optical Inspection Technology group presents novel solutions for the evaluation of barrier films. Barrier materials are essential in organic electronics to protect the sensitive active layers from damaging atmospheric gases, especially water vapor and oxygen, and thus significantly increase product lifetime.


Hyperspektral Imaging (HSI)

An entirely new approach to evaluating barrier films is offered by hyperspectral imaging (HSI). Acquiring a comprehensive spectra set of the barrier film and evaluating them using AI allows the determination of the water vapor transmission rate (WVTR) within a matter of minutes instead of days as before. This enables a very fast control of barrier films "at-line" and even "in-line" during their production or processing. In addition, the permeation rate of barrier films can also be determined with spatial resolution. This concept (HSI+AI) is transferable to a wide range of applications: e.g. continuous large-area layer thickness inspection, material parameter distribution inspection, defect and contamination monitoring, and prediction of key performance indicators, e.g. of films or semi-finished products.

Simultaneous determination of the water vapor permeation rate (WVTR) and the oxygen permeation rate (OTR) of barrier films

Fraunhofer IWS presents a measurement system from the HiBarSens® series that defines a new class of barrier measurement systems. For the first time, the critical barrier performance indicators water vapor transmission rate (WVTR) and oxygen transmission rate (OTR) of a barrier film can be measured simultaneously. This means a significant gain in information as well as more accurate results, since both permeation rates are determined from exactly the same sample area under identical measurement conditions due to the concept. However, there is no compromise in detection limits (compared to single instruments) of WVTR (10‑6 g m‑2 d‑1) and OTR (10‑3 cm3 m-2 d-1 bar-1).