Thermal Surface Technology

Holistic approach for material, process and system technologies


Thermal spraying

The atmospheric plasma spray (APS) as well as flame spray processes are available at IWS for the coating of components made of steel, light metals or other materials with metals, hardmetals and ceramics

Laser cladding

The Fraunhofer IWS provides laser cladding as well as hybrid technologies, employing laser, plasma and induction processes, to repair and to coat components and tools. The manufacturing of thick coatings and 3 D structures, made of metal, hard metal and ceramics is supported by CAD/CAN, monitoring and finishing processes.

Heat treatment and plating

Laser procedures offer novel solutions for the generating of wear-resistant surfaces. This is especially true for such cases, in which standard hardening technologies fail to work.

Press release, Nov 14, 2019

Fine-tuning for additive production

“COAXshield” and “LIsec”: Fraunhofer IWS presents shielding gas nozzle and light scanner for laser powder build-up welding at “formnext” trade fair



11th International Laser Symposium

December 7–9, 2021, Online



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4th International Symposium Additive Manufacturing (ISAM 2021)

December 7–9, 2021, Online