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Spectroscopic ellipsometer VASE (J. A. Woollam)

Spectroscopic ellipsometer „VASE“ (J. A. Woollam)
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Spectroscopic ellipsometer „VASE“ (J. A. Woollam)

Optical properties (refractive index n, extinction coefficient k) and film thicknesses of thin films can be laterally resolved with the spectroscopic ellipsometry method (350 nm - 1700 nm). The measuring technique can be applied to a variety of materials (metals, semi-conductors, glasses, plastic material) in any combinations (gradient surfaces, multilayer, and composites). The evaluation reveals information about sample set-ups and about solid state physical parameters such as band gaps, electron mobility and defects. Even for very complex multilayer systems, information about the optical material function, the film thickness, about the surface structure and interfaces can be determined.

Service offer

  • characterization of structures and of optical properties of SiO2, TiO2, SiN, DLC and further layers, dependent on fabrication conditions
  • mapping of large area layers
  • characterization of gradient surfaces
  • investigations of multilayer systems (e.g. x-ray mirrors,) analysis of interface problems
  • optical characterizations of foils, glasses, glass systems as well as of coatings and varnish
  • measuring and calculation of reflection, absorption and transmission capacity of any material composites


  • plane, smooth samples
  • at least semi transparent layers (metallic layers  d < 50 nm)
  • film thickness between 1 nm - 5 µm (dependent on the material)
  • sample size between  10 x 10 x 0,1 mm3 to 200 x 200 x 20 mm3

Spectroscopic ellipsometer VASE (J. A. Woollam)

  • measuring range: 350 nm - 1700 nm
  • resolution: selectable, starting with 1 nm
  • accessoires: XY cross table for mapping procedures