Variable Software Control "LOMPOCpro"

Temperature controlled laser power control "LOMPOCpro".
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Temperature controlled laser power control "LOMPOCpro".

"LOMPOCpro" is the base component of all measuring and control systems. During its development it has been perfectly adapted to customer’s needs. Depending on the application, different temperature measuring equipment can be connected. Laser power being the controlled value is regulated following a suitable measurand.


  • Temperature control for various laser technologies (hardening, brazing, heat treatment, cladding)
  • Especially suited for the control of fast processes


  • High flexibility due to individual adjustment of control behaviour
  • Consideration of specific conditions at the start of the process
  • Graphic display of all relevant process data during running processes (display and storage of false-colour images with reduced resolution)
  • Permanent saving of all setting parameters
  • Customized date storage
  • Communication to CNC via profibus
  • User-defined interface to temperature measuring devices
  • Increased safety by use of password protected user profiles