Research marketing for optical technologies in Poland and the Czech Republic

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Research in Germany - Land of Ideas- that is the motto, with which the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) realizes a program to advance the marketing for the innovation country Germany. The Ministry funds marketing steps, integrated into an overall concept, aiming at the internationalization of topical networks.

laser welding process
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laser welding process

The Saxonian R&D network " optical technologies for energy efficiency in manufacturing and product design" has now ( for one year) got the opportunity to present its network as an attractive platform for experts as well as for interested potential customers in Poland and the Czech Republic. The enterprises and research organizations, dealing with laser technologies, are going to present their expertise on a multi-linguistic homepage A main focus will be on the personal meeting with potential customers, coming from these countries. Therefore, we are going to organize trade-show presentations and workshops, one at the international trade-show " For Industry", Prague, April 2010 and one at the ITM, Poznan , June 2010.

Apart from the degree of popularity, the network and its partners hope for more individual contact to potential clients and research organizations in these two neighbor countries. Furthermore they expect an improved access to international R&D follow-up projects, since these contacts are essential to survive, not only in times of crisis.