Online workshop "Dynamic Beam Shaping"

September 14, 2021

The “Dynamic Beam” laser from Jerusalem has now been installed at Fraunhofer IWS in Dresden. The institute is thus the first research institution worldwide to utilize such a laser solution.
© René Jungnickel/Fraunhofer IWS
The “Dynamic Beam” laser from Jerusalem has now been installed at Fraunhofer IWS in Dresden. The institute is thus the first research institution worldwide to utilize such a laser solution.

A novel laser has been installed at the premises of Fraunhofer IWS that makes it possible to significantly expand the scope in laser material processing. Researchers of the institute and the project partner Civan Lasers are currently testing the system functionality and its limits. We invite you to discover the possibilities of materials processing with the new laser – either for Additive Manufacturing, joining or cutting in the free online workshop “Dynamic Beam Shaping – Flexible Fiber Laser for Rapid Material Processing“.

New Coherent Beam Combining for high-power lasers

The new system is based on the “Coherent Beam Combining” (CBC) method, which is still new for high-power lasers. The 13-kilowatt laser can generate different energy distribution patterns particularly quickly during operation and thus process even demanding high-tech materials very precisely and quickly. In use is Coherent Beam Combining, in which the “Dynamic Beam Laser” from the Israeli company Civan Lasers combines tens of individual beams into a powerful laser beam with high quality. Through small phase shifts (Optical Phased Array, OPA) of the wave troughs and peaks in the partial beams, the laser can quickly generate completely different energy distribution patterns in the resulting processing laser beam.

What’s in for the workshop participants?

In the first part of the workshop we will give you a general insight into the possibilities of beam shaping for laser material processing. We present you laser process solutions for difficult to weld laser materials and for laser cutting processes. The second part deals with the functions and possibilities that Coherent Beam Combining equips the new laser with. The speakers will offer insights into first results of the test phase and present two projects in which the laser is being tested for Additive Manufacturing and welding.

The workshop addresses the following users, fields and applications:

  • Additive Manufacturing: Thanks to its thousands of times faster speed, Dynamic Beam Shaping can be applied for the first time to additive manufacturing applications of metals; specifically, the aim is the Additive Manufacturing of titanium and aluminum alloys, such as those needed for space components, implants and lightweight components for mobility
  • Cutting and Joining of materials and their composites that are otherwise difficult to process
  • Burr-free cuts with high edge quality – at twice the working speed compared to conventional fiber lasers
  • Use in metal-working industry, medical technology and electromobility, as well as in aerospace industry
  • Optimization of existing processes with beam shaping

We are looking forward to your participation.


11:00–11:05 (CET) Welcome and short introduction
11:05–11:20 State of the art laser welding with dynamic beam shaping based on conventional mirror optics
Dr. Dirk Dittrich
11:20–11:35 Dynamic Beam shaping for laser cutting
Dr. Patrick Herwig
11:35–12:00 Latest achievements in material processing using Dynamic Beam Lasers
Dr. Eyal Shekel
12:00–12:20 First results of testing the new laser
Dr. Andreas Wetzig
12:20–12:35 First project: On-the-fly laser beam shaping for Laser Metal Deposition of crack-sensitive Al and Ti alloys
Dr. Elena Lopez
12:35–12:45 Second project: Laser welding of hard to weld aluminum alloys with new CBC beam shaping technology
Eric Punzel
12:45–12:55 Cooperation with Fraunhofer IWS: Information and first steps
12:55–13:05 Discussion

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